The Central Line


What if you’ve already crossed paths with the love of your life?

Cora and Jacob live in London, at opposite ends of the Central Line.

Their paths have crossed thousands of times without them knowing.

When a chance encounter on the underground brings them together, it seems they’re destined to fall in love.

But although they live in the same city, their lives are worlds apart. Jacob’s life in uncluttered, whereas Cora’s is full of complications. And as events begin to divide them, they start to wonder, are they meant to be together, or were they ever meant to meet?

Paperback out 8 September 2022


I absolutely adored it! Fresh, modern, achingly real, with fantastic characters and a story that shamelessly steals your heart from the first page. I meant what I said on the show: this is going to be the love story you remember from 2022 — Miranda Dickinson

So much more than a love story, this engrossing novel about guilt, trust and the secrets we keep will stay with me for a long time — Lisa Ballantyne

A wonderful story of love, family and second chances. Full of heart, humour and will-they-won’t-they? moments. A gem – I loved it — Eleni Kyriacou

A touching, deftly written story about chance encounters, mothers and daughters, love and loss, identity…and finding our place in the world. — Ella Allbright

A story of love, longings, secrets and forgiveness. The Central Line takes us on an urban journey filled with hope and possibilities. — Nadia Marks

This was a gorgeous read. I loved the beautifully relatable characters and the raw emotion. A really unforgettable, pull-at-the-heartstrings story! — Jo Lovett

The Central Line was such a warm and cosy read, with characters you can’t help but root for and feel for. A gorgeous blend of family dynamics and dizzying new romances, it’s truly transportive. — Beth Reekles

A poignant story — Woman’s Weekly

A heart-wrenching romance of near misses. –The Sunday Post Magazine

I was enamoured by this story — Prima

I raced through this sweet, emotionally satisfying romcom. — Good Housekeeping

The Central Line is one of the most lyrical, magical, romantic love stories I’ve read…I defy anyone to read this without a lump in their throat or a tear in their eye. — Annabel & Grace magazine


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