The Bench

How it ends

We should have a plaque too,’ he says. ‘What would it say?’

I tilt my head. ‘For Cat and Sam, who found each other and lost each other and found each other again,’ I suggest.

It begins at the end. It begins on a bench, where a woman waits for a man.

Ten years ago, they made a pact:

To meet on this date, at this place: their bench on the Heath.

Depending on what happens now, it’s either the end, or a new beginning for a love affair that’s spanned three decades.

They should never have met. They should never have fallen in love. But they did, until a lie separated them for a lifetime.

Can they fix the mistake, forgive the lie, erase the years in-between?

Can what was lost ever truly be found?


‘With the page-turning pull of a suspense novel and the light touch of romance, Saskia Sarginson skilfully weaves the pain of missed moments through giddy highs and wrenching lows. The Bench is a beautiful portrait of love. Real. Complicated. Irresistible.’ Jemma Wayne, author.

‘A wonderful life-spanning novel following the lives of characters with real heart and depth. I didn’t want it to end.’ Lisa Ballantyne, author


Piatkus – UK (C’wealth)

Marabout – FRANCE

Droemer – GERMANY

Australorp – ROMANIA

Fortuna Libri – SLOVAKIA

Fortuna Libri – CZECH REPUBLIC