The Bench

How it ends

We should have a plaque too,’ he says. ‘What would it say?’

I tilt my head. ‘For Cat and Sam, who found each other and lost each other and found each other again,’ I suggest.

It begins at the end. It begins on a bench, where a woman waits for a man.

Ten years ago, they made a pact:

To meet on this date, at this place: their bench on the Heath.

Depending on what happens now, it’s either the end, or a new beginning for a love affair that’s spanned three decades.

They should never have met. They should never have fallen in love. But they did, until a lie separated them for a lifetime.

Can they fix the mistake, forgive the lie, erase the years in-between?

Can what was lost ever truly be found?


‘With the page-turning pull of a suspense novel and the light touch of romance, Saskia Sarginson skilfully weaves the pain of missed moments through giddy highs and wrenching lows. The Bench is a beautiful portrait of love. Real. Complicated. Irresistible.’ Jemma Wayne, author.

‘A wonderful life-spanning novel following the lives of characters with real heart and depth. I didn’t want it to end.’ Lisa Ballantyne, author.

‘A sweeping love story rich with honest, tender moments. Cat and Sam will have you rooting for them right from the very start.’ Emma Rous, author.

‘The Bench depicts a beautiful, very special, love story, about what can happen when life gets in the way. About how love can endure the impossible. About how some people are meant to be. Saskia Sarginson is such a talented writer. Her characters are so human, with their shortcomings and virtues, they could be us – they are us. And thus, their moments of grace are ours. I loved this book.’ Cecilia Ekback, author.

‘The Bench is a poignant and heart wrenching love story, tender and suspenseful and exquisitely written…This is one of the best love stories…engrossing and utterly immersive. Saskia Sarginson never disappoints.’ Mary Chamberlain, author


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